Home Control

Home Control Sytems

A&L are registered advanced installers of Niko Home Control. This is a cost effective home automation system which gives you full control over your home at the touch of a button.

Using wall switches, touch screen panels or even your smart phone or tablet, you are able to control lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and other electronic devices to make the best of your home at any time of day. You can instantly create an ambience to suit your mood, turn the heating up or turn everything off with one flick of a switch. This clever system is easy to use, adaptable and can be programmed to respond to various internal and external factors such as daylight or bad weather. It can even be used as a security measure, using lighting and even window blinds to simulate occupation when there is none.

Using the central control system’s energy monitoring facility gives you an overview of electricity consumption (or generation if you have solar panels) throughout your home, helping you conserve energy and ultimately saving money.

Please click here to read our Niko home control fact sheet.